I Wish

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I Wish

Ronald Crivello-Kahihikolo, writer

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It’s that time of the year everyone!! Konawaena’s ongoing Christmas tradition is back. I did a little survey around school, and carried a container around which said, “what are your wishes for yourself, the world, a teacher, or a friend!”

-I wish Adriana would love me and kiss me.

-I wish for my eyebrows to be on fleek.                          

-I wish I had lot’s of money

-I wish I had a pocket watch and a mini megaphone

-I wish for world peace

-I wish Sensei would give me an A

-I wish that I could be better at playing the piano

-I wish for my holiday hippo to come to life

-I wish for a cypher part 4 BTS.

-I wish a guy would love me

-I wish he would ask out Raynell already

-I wish Janelle will like me because she is so funny and beautiful

-I wish that senpai would notice me

-I wish to become a Bartender

-I wish Justin  would talk to me, he’s

so adorable.

-I wish that ISIS will stop, people become educated and know that terrorists have no race, color, and religion

-I wish for a drama free season.

-I wish that some ecological catastrophe will somehow occur, causing the equator to be knocked off it’s axis, and that we’ll finally get some snow.

-I wish Hawaii would like me SMH.

-I wish I had the guts to talk to Maleko.

-I wish Brook would be our founding father.

-I wish that Kaimana would ask me out.

-I wish I had a better haircut.

-I wish Akane  liked me!

-I wish my mom would accept me

-I wish for my grandma to get better for Christmas.

-I wish for eternal friendship with all of my friends.

-I wish I knew what to wish for.

-I wish that Mr. Curran would do 100 push-ups for me.

-I wish I had a girlfriend.

-I wish for less AP homework.

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