Coming soon: Mean Wahines!

Ronald crivello-Kahihikolo, writer

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Listen up Konawaena, a group of Mean Wahines is coming your way in March, while there isn’t an official release date for the movie, it will be released after springbreak. Mrs Obregon’s 4th period video production class has been working on a spoof of the movie ‘Mean Girls’. The plastics have made their way into Hawaii, and are being introduced in a more local way. The stars of the movie, include Hayden Menor, as the glamorous Regina George, and Maiaana Taylor playing the stupendous Karen Smith, now being renamed Alana. The video production class is trying to stay true to the script, so the students were assigned parts of the script to add a bit of local slang. While there are more stars to be named, you’ll have to wait and see who else is in the movie! This isn’t exactly the easiest thing to do, and some challenges consist of the lack of professionalism in working with the camera, and working around everyone’s schedules can serve to be a bit of a challenge. Some scenes have already been completed!  Mrs. Obregon is very excited about the release of the movie because the story sends a strong message about the consequences of bullying. The  students also get experience working on a movie, improving  their video production and acting skills!  “This movie teaches the students about teamwork, they learn to depend upon one another to create something bigger then themselves”, said Mrs. Obregon. Be on the lookout for some Mean Wahines around the campus! 

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