The Red Headed Hawaiian.

Ronald Crivello-Kahihikolo, writer

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Rudy Puana, writer of the book, “The Red Headed Hawaiian” visited Konawaena High school on January 13th, 2016! Before Rudy came over to our school, Teacher, Mrs.Wickersham assigned the book to the sophomore class, which many students such as myself easily found to be captivating. Students were asked to come up with a few questions to ask Rudy Puana. The sophomore class trailed into gym, with curiosity over the anticipated revelation. Some of questions that the students asked was, “would you recommend moving to the mainland?” In response Rudy says, “Get out of here! We want you back, but get out of here.” Of course, many students were curious about the reasoning of why he became a doctor. Dr.Puana shared a short story with the sophomores, after watching an episode of General Hospital, Rudy said to himself, “I wanna be a doctor” a tv show, out of all things, inspired him. After the brief assembly, quite a few students came up to him with questions, in which they were eager to get answers too. Moments later, I walked Rudy to our school studio and got a chance to interview the infamous Red Headed Hawaiian. Rudy was one of the kindest individuals that i have come across on the island, and he was very open and honest with his answers. I would most definitely recommend you read this book! It’s amusing, enlivening, and appreciable.

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