Trends in 2016!

Ronald crivello-Kahihikolo, Writer

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It’s your boy Ronald, and I’m here to talk about what’s trending in 2016. I don’t want to be too one sided with men’s and women’s fashion, so I’ll be talking about what’s trending on both sides! Let’s start off with talking about footwear! If you’re looking for a Gucci high end life look, then there are the Adidas superstars they’re really In, and literally every blogger on tumblr owns them! The same goes for Nike airforce ones which have been trending for a while now. If y’all are looking for a super comfy and casual look, then Birkenstocks are the ones you should be rocking. As everyone knows, the lifelong shoes that will always be in, are Vans and converse, which are both good for any type of look. Moving on, let’s talk about accessories! Hats are trending and have tons of different sayings and graphics on it, such as aliens, universities, and things that say “lit” they have more of the visor look.

People are also starting to get back into watches, but not any ordinary watches, but gold ones, from famous brands such as Nixon, Michael Kohrs, and Forever 21 watches. Enough about accessories, let’s get into clothing! I can’t necessarily go over specific clothing because I don’t wanna be too one sided but, rather, I will be discussing some colors. Clothing is apart of our everyday lifestyles and we can express ourselves through it. Moreover, some trending colors that have become more popular between men and women are any pastel colors, pink, yellow, and I’m sure you can think of  other colors. Tan/nude colored clothing has also made its landmark among everyone, appearing on  shoes, sweaters, cardigans. Ripped up jeans in denim and black has definitely been in for a while.

So there you have it people if you wanna be super fabulous and keep up with the trends.  If you need any advice on where to shop, here are some stores I recommend: Pacsun, Brandy Melville, forever 21, American eagle, American Apparel, and Hollister.

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