Starbucks, home of the caffeine lovers.

Secret Menu Revealed

Ronald Crivello-Kahihikolo, writer

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Starbucks, a dream in a cup that comes with a variety of options… Scrumptious desserts and vivacious drinks. I traveled high and low in the school and surveyed a few kids, and I asked the students what their favorite drinks were, and here’s what the wildcats of Konawaena favored the most:

  • Mango black tea lemonade
  • Peach green tea
  • Iced chai latte
  • Vanilla bean Frappuccino
  • Cotton candy Frappuccino
  • Double chocolate Frappuccino
  • Green tea Frappuccino
  • Hazelnut  Frappuccino
  • Black iced tea with milk
  • Strawberry acai refresher

Of course, there are tons of other drinks favored by the students of the school. There are also some fabulous foods in Starbucks that are favored by the students, such as the fine cake pops, yogurt and fruit bowls, and almond croissants. However, when you journey to your local Starbucks, keep in mind that their is a secret menu!

Yes, tons of people know about this top secret menu, but people are still being kept in the dark about this profound knowledge, so it’s time to shed some light on the poor people that literally don’t know anything about it. I can’t exactly go over every drink, because the choices are endless! There are over 200+ drinks that you could put together, so here are the top three secret menu drinks that you must give a shot and order!

First thing on our list, is the spectacular Cake batter Frappuccino. It sounds amazing just by looking at the name. In order to unlock this drink you must order a Vanilla bean creme Frappuccino, with extra almond flavoring.

The next drink on the list is the Captain Crunch berry Frappuccino, you can unlock this drink by ordering a Strawberry and creme Frappuccino, along with a pump of caramel syrup, one pump of hazelnut Frappuccino, one pump of toffee syrup, and lastly, some java chips.

Up next, we have the Cinnamon Toast Crunch Frappuccino. I myself have tried this drink, and let me tell you… It is so amazing. Your guide to getting this drink is to order a White Mocha Frappuccino, with one pump of dolce syrup, one pump of hazelnut syrup, and you need to ask for cinnamon sugar on top!

Wildcats, get yourself to your local a local Starbucks near you and order off of the secret menu! If you all want more of these top secret drinks you can easily find some online!

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