Konawaena’s First Official Senior signing day!

A New Wildcat Tradition

Ronald Crivello-Kahihikolo, writer

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May 13th 2016 was Konawaena’s first official signing day. The signing day was organized by three fabulous individuals on campus- Ms Jessica Steele, one of our counselors, Mrs.Jones, our new college coordinator, and Daylon Ogata, 2016’s KSG President.  These three individuals wanted to change the world one senior at a time. Seniors gathered in the breezeway between the KSG room, and the Counselor’s room  to acknowledge and promote where they are going to go for higher education.  The event was made public, so that underclassmen could see what the seniors accomplished,  so they’d be inspired.  Seniors discussed the colleges in which they were going to, some which included Dartmouth, Washington state, Saint Martin’s University, University of Portland, Pacific University of Oregon and many more.  Konawaena wildcats have shown superior and tenacious attitudes towards their futures, and have inspired underclassmen such as Hannah Dumon, a sophomore, “It inspired me to become a future College attender in the National schools on the mainland, so that I can expand my horizons by experiencing new opportunities.”  The last day for seniors is on the 18th of May. For some a gloomy day because they are not ready to graduate, for others a ticket to the real world to experience on their own terms.

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