My First Flight

I was taken back by how cold and small the cabin was.

Cody Ascuncion, Writer

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I’ve been always told that flying in an airplane was a scary experience for first-timers. The first time I boarded a plane was during my junior year.

I was to fly to O’ahu to meet with my other coalition members, and then we’d travel over to UH Manoa for our first meeting. One of the things that were a bit intimidating for me was that I was to fly to and from O’ahu by myself—no one to accompany me.

To be honest, I was a bit skeptical about flying for the first time, but I decided that I either had to put up with it or back out of the flight and not go. I can never forget sitting by the terminal gate, patiently waiting with dozens of other passengers. When the plane finally arrived at the airport, we were greeted by its loud jet engines and the departing passengers.

As I boarded the plane, I was taken back by how cold and small the cabin was.

After finding my seat, I sat down and read the book that I had brought with me. When every passenger finally boarded the plane, I waited to pull out of the dock and make its way to the tarmac to take off. The plane’s engines roared to life as we circled around the tarmac, and when we rounded the final turn, the plane started to accelerate so that we could achieve lift off and head to our final destination.

The plane ride there was amazing, especially as I got to see the clouds in the sky at eye level and below, as well as seeing a cargo vessel heading towards Kona. When we neared the Honolulu International Airport, we encountered some slight turbulence, which gave me a minor shock.

When the plane came to a stop, I gathered my things and exited through the gate. At this point, I felt ecstatic for a little while by the fact that I made it to Oahu, but quickly came to my senses and headed towards the Starbucks near my terminal.

After waiting some time, I finally met with my other coalition members and our chaperone, we got our rented car and headed for the Manoa campus. As we drove on the highway, I was amazed to see all of the tall buildings that were in the downtown district, as well as some wonderful landmarks, like the Aloha Tower, in the distance.

When we arrived at UH Manoa, we met with our other members and we conducted our first meeting. During this experience, I was able to make new friends and learn some new things, most of which I hope to remember. But as the meeting came to an end, we said our goodbyes and went our separate ways. When my chaperone and my group returned to our car, we decided to head to the Ala Moana for a little bit to browse for a while.

I started to worry because my flight to Kona was going to depart within the next hour and a half, so we had to rush back to the car, find a nearby gas station to refuel the car, and return to the airport. When we finally arrived at the airport, I realized that I forgot to print my ticket for the flight back, so I started to freak out a little bit. Thankfully, my chaperone was able to get a ticket printed and I made my way over to the TSA check line, and after what felt like ages, I booked it to my terminal just in time to hear them calling my name over the speakers. After making my way onto the plane, we departed the airport and headed back to the Big Island.

This journey is one that I’ll never forget, not just because it was a first-time experience, or because I made new friends, but it was also because I was afraid that I’d be left behind at Honolulu International. However, if I was able to repeat that day, I wouldn’t change a single thing. Those are memories that I’m glad to have experienced. I just wish that my trip lasted over the weekend, and not just for half of a day.

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