S p l i t: Movie Review

Ronald Crivello-Kahihikolo, Writer

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Editor’s Note: The article below contains lots of vague spoilers. Read at your own risk.

Split is a movie that follows a man, Kevin, who kidnaps three girls, and it is later revealed by Dr. Karen Fletcher (Betty Buckley) that the antagonist’s personality encompasses 23 different types. (Talk about wowza!) Throughout the film, Kevin (James Mcavoy) talks about unleashing his final personality, which later becomes known as the beast. From acting as a chic fashionista to a 9-year-old boy named Hedwig, along with 21 more personalities, each are incredibly different, even allowing Kevin to change his body chemistry.

One of the three girls, Casey Cook (Anya Taylor Joy) is the only one to figure out Kevin’s unusual disorder, and she uses her knowledge to engage with Kevin in order to escape. As Kevin changes his personalities, Casey becomes increasingly aware of which one will be able to help her. On the other hand, the other two girls are ignorant and reckless, later leading them to end up getting locked in separate rooms for pulling stunts that Kevin’s separate personalities didn’t appreciate.

Through different parts of the movie Karen Fletcher, the psychiatrist, talks about Kevin’s disorders, and she is well aware that Kevin isn’t in the right state of mind. All of these conflicts lead up to the end’s shocking twist, when Kevin unleashes his final personality, the beast.

For those who aren’t very familiar with M. Night Shyamalan’s films, his movies always end with a big “shocker” that leaves the viewers in awe. So, I walked into this movie knowing it had the potential to blog my mind at any given time.

James Mcavoy, the lead actor gave a stupendous performance, and he definitely deserves to be recognized for the range of personalities that he showcased on screen. This was one of the reasons I wanted to watch this movie, because I wanted to witness firsthand if an actor could pull off such a stunt. Actress Anya Taylor Joy also performed brilliantly. Her acting had the power to create empathy, relaying her character’s emotion to the viewers in the theater.

Out of ten, (ten being the best, of course) I believe that this is one of the rare movies that absolutely deserves the high honor of being a ten-out-of-ten! It had a unique story line, a surprising twist, and great actors and actresses.

Although this article reveals quite a bit about the movie, I believe this movie is best seen when you’re spoiled about the storyline first. Why? Because this movie is a prequel/background movie to Unbreakable. For those who aren’t aware, Unbreakable follows a man who discovers his powers and uses it for good. It is best to watch that one before you go and see Split. It’ll make you want to feast your eyes on what comes next in Split. (Not to mention, you’ll save your self from confusion in the long run.)

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