Qualities of a Leader

Ronald Crivello-Kahihikolo, Writer

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What is a leader?

Since elementary school, I have always considered myself a leader. That’s just what I’ve always done. From high school and on, the student council and National Honor Society helped me in my endeavors, too. Being in these clubs gave my voice purpose and helped me to make a difference in my community and school. Starting as a vice president in freshmen and sophomore year and taking a step up to president in my junior year, I truly learned what it means to be a leader.

An aspiring front-runner needs to have the mentality of a leader, a tenacious attitude, and diligence. They need to strive for more than just the title. It needs to mean something to them.

If I’ve learned anything as the class president, it’s the importance of taking risks. Tough times have the capability of pulling a class together and showing what teamwork really is. And, even when it felt like we were getting pulled apart, one student at a time, we came back stronger and in full-swing.

In the near future, I hope the students care more about their future graduation and prom, as well as become involved with activities throughout the year. My ultimate goal for next year is to continue to expand based on student suggestions.

I genuinely have enjoyed being on class office for the past 3 years, and I hope I can continue to flourish in leadership, class spirit, and spectacular events that have yet to take place

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