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13 reasons why review

Ronald Crivello-Kahihikolo, writer

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Editor’s Note: The review below may contain spoilers. Listed at the end of the page are trigger warnings by episode and a list of suicide hotlines.

13 Reasons Why is a fresh Netflix series that tells the life of Hannah Baker, or more specifically, why her life ended. In summary, before Hannah ends her life, she leaves behind a set of cassette tapes, in which are embedded with the reasons behind her suicide. Whichever characters got the tapes were one of Hannah’s triggers, and each of them had to hand the tapes to the next person.

Clay Jensen, former best friend of Hannah Baker was given the tapes. Clay took the longest to finish all the tapes, because he couldn’t bear the thought of him being one of the causes of Hannah’s death. In an interview with Netflix, stars of the show Katherine Langford (Hannah Baker) and Dylan Minnette (Clay Jensen) told fans that the series took so long to make because they wanted to showcase it in a way that makes it “as real as it gets,” as well as making it relatable—one that makes us laugh, cry, and leaves you emotionally moved. They wanted the story to be right.

I almost stopped watching it because I wasn’t sure if I was ready to watch a series which revolved around self-harm and suicide, considering a very close family member of mine took her own life last year. However, the all-encompassing topic kept me watching. In just one night, I watched the whole series and took it all in. I felt the story should’ve been watched in one sitting, rather than over a couple of few days. Each episode really grasped onto what happens in the everyday lives of teenagers. Especially the troubles, insecurities, and fears faced by girls.

Rumors, slut shaming, rape, physical and verbal bullying, partying. You name it. It was all there. This television show served as an eye-opener for the signs of depression and what occurs in high school, and ended the silence about suicide. Friends and parents now can have a clearer idea of what’s occurring in the world around them.

Despite the original intentions of the show and novel, some saw things a bit differently. “I think this is promoting suicide more than anything. It shows that suicide is justified. I also think that teenagers are going to over-identify with Hannah” said student Kayla Acasio.

Despite the fact that everyone has different out takes on the show, I personally felt that viewers now have more insight on suicide, because the series is trending all over the world.

As for Konawaena, no matter who you’re with or where you are, it’s almost a guarantee that you’ll hear someone talking about 13 Reasons Why. The response to the show is overwhelming. Krystal Schavez and other students even hung up suicide prevention hotlines and positive posters around school.

Moreover, before getting into the show beware of the graphic scenes, if you have a light stomach, be ready… The producers made the show as raw as possible.

13 Reasons Why, streaming now, on Netflix!

List of triggers (by episode):

  • Episode 3: sexual assault/violence, vomiting
  • Episode 5: graphic scars
  • Episode 6: sexual assault
  • Episode 7: graphic scars, excessive amounts of blood
  • Episode 9: rape
  • Episode 10: rape, excessive blood, car accident
  • Episode 11: suicide attempt, self-harm, talk of suicide
  • Episode 12: graphic rape depiction
  • Episode 13: graphic self-harm, suicide, excessive blood

National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-8255

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