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The Art of Thinking With Sound

Vibrations of Memory

Kaimana-Joy Manzano, Sports Editor

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Music is a universal language—the communication of the soul. It has a way of speaking to, drawing, and sustaining any emotion the writer desires. There may be different interpretations for the same song, but in the same sense, the cymbals, the guitar, the bass, and the vocals of any genre don’t discriminate against any nation or tongue. In total, there are 6,909 living languages, but music is the only universal language.

When a song has heartfelt lyrics that truly connects with who I am and how I feel at that specific moment, there’s a sense of belonging. Personally, I have taken an interest in Italian opera music. Although I don’t understand the meaning of the words, opera speaks to me in the sense of passion, and it’s as though I can feel the words in me. Though it’s not popular among youth, I have found that it helps me focus while I’m doing homework. In addition, there’s country for when I’m down, pop for when I’m feeling energized, and rap for when I’m practicing softball. The point I’m trying to get across here is that music does not adhere to just one specific emotion or situation. It’s limitless, it’s empowering, it’s sustenance.

What I also love about music is that, although we are living in a world of prejudice and hate, music has the potential to alter the infrastructure of our self-caused destruction. Single-handedly, it has the strength to spread love. I truly believe that music is one of the unseen forces that keep the world turning on its axis, and is one of the key factors in progress.

Writing music may even be a venting process for some. The artist has free roam through their notes, chords, and verses. Every aspect of music continues to embody a nonpartisan medium that does not critique you for the choices you make. Maybe we should aspire to be that way, as well. It is certainly saying something that, instead of turning to each other, people turn to music for aid. Even so, but music has the power to speak to the heart in a way that no one else can.

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The Art of Thinking With Sound