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While a quarterback seems to be the most recognized player on the team, others fail to realize that the kicker has equal importance. Which is why junior, Harry Hill, has made his impact on the Konawaena football field.

#42 Hill is the starting kicker for the Konawaena Wildcats football team. While some teams may utilize separate kickers for punts, field goals, and kickoffs, Konawaena’s Hill does it all. He’s gained a lot of attention from Wildcat fans who will chant his name anytime he’s on the field. Hill says that he doesn’t really get “hyped” up for games, but just going out there with the team feels great. That must explain why he always seems so calm and collected before each kick.

Hill grew up devoting a lot of time to playing soccer. When he learned kicking was also an essential part of football, he tried it out on his own. It was during 7th grade when he first started playing. When high school came around, he was ready to try out for the renowned team.

Seeing himself as just a soccer player while he was younger, Hill didn’t expect to see himself starting for the football team, especially taking part in championship games. Although he’s been playing soccer for a longer period of time, Hill feels like he’s become better at football.

During a windy game in Waiakea, Harry accidentally felt like he may have mis-kicked the ball. He didn’t expect it to make it through the goal but despite the misfire, the ball flew over. Hill now holds the record for the longest free kick—a 58-yard distance total. Not only is Hill a part of Konawaena football history, he is racking up his own records, too.

When asked about how he felt after the last game against Waipahu, Hill recalls having never been so happy. “I’m happy after games but not like how this was. This game was really something else.” 

Getting a chance to play at the Aloha Stadium is a momentous deal for the team. In order to prepare for the championship game, Hill is going to keep doing what he usually does and just see how everything goes.

Hill said that one of the reasons why he likes playing football is because of the history behind the school and being a part of the Zoo Krew.

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