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The Process Of A Hiki No Story

The dedication and effort it takes

Eloisa de Farias

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The process of creating a video for Hiki No takes a lot of dedicated work and time. The story I got to produce was that of Ms.Erwin and her journey walking 102 days across the pacific coast trail. The first thing I had to do was interview Ms.Erwin, this process included creating a list of questions to understand the subject and make the story clear in my head as well as set a sort of guideline. After collecting the information we worked on a list of question we would ask when we filmed her in her classroom. This included questions about the trail itself as well as the more emotional questions regarding her battle with sexual assault that urged Ms.Erwin to take the hike. This process was very interesting to me as it was all new and making sure everything was perfect from the lighting to the sound was extremely critical. We shot the interview portion of the video in a span of a period and through it I discovered a lot more about Ms.Erwin’s story as well as began to envision what the final video would look like. After uploading the clips to Imovie I began to crop out the sections of the interview that I found most important and relevant. I began to formulate the video that I had in my head. The next step was to write out the script, this was a tedious process, but was extremely important. During this process I had to listen to the clips and type out every word of the video. The next step was to write out narrations for the story that would go in between the interview portions of the video. I chose Kaimana Manzano to do the voice over. The next part was to record her voice and upload those to my video. The editing process was the more strenuous as I had to listen to it over and over again as well as cut and edit as I worked. I went through a total of 5 rough drafts that were then reviewed by the co-producer and producer. The co-producer would review the video and the sound and give me advice on how to improve my video. The most satisfying part of the process was getting to watch the video when I was done. It’s truly satisfying to watch all your hard work create a product that you are proud of and and ready to showcase to others.  Overall I think this was a very beneficial experience in which I learned various valuable things that I will take to college and my future.

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The Process Of A Hiki No Story