My school experiences around the Island

Marieanna Taetuna- kaluau, Writer

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  Changing schools around South Kona wasn’t easy, between Naalehu and Kona. It all started on the last day of third grade at Konawaena Elementary, it was the last day that I would see or hear from my best friends and teachers. It wasn’t simple to say goodbye to the closest people in my life so instead I acted as if I was going to see them again, I smiled and never mentioned the fact that I was moving. I thought it would be best to move because it was closer to where I lived, but weeks later of being at Naalehu it wasn’t what I expected. It was so different to Konawaena Elementary, the students were seated by their grade in that class meaning in the front were the top A students and in the back were seated the well below kids. Some of the teachers didn’t even care if you did drugs in the bathroom or even skip class by staying in the nurse’s office. For me I felt that this school was the school for the misbehaved kids. Many girls didn’t care about the dress code they still wore booty shorts, and non-uniform shirts. Most of the boys repeated the grades because they chose not to do the work that was given. But throughout all of that I was happy because I got to be with my relatives. I have to say fifth grade was the worst throughout all the years of going to school to now. Many fights occur daily. Students got suspended for the obsession of marijuana. Kids would get detention for vandalism and stealing items from teachers. My class was the worse out of everyone’s. I remember my teacher quit because of my classmates who were causing trouble to him, not listening, and being a headache it was funny at first until a new current teacher who came and was very strict. After fifth grade I then decided to move back to konawaena, found myself then in middle school. It was awkward at first seeing everyone from elementary days, my old friends it was weird. But I was also happy that I became friends with some of them again. I then finished middle school and moved on to konawaena high. My first day as a freshman was so confusing, my classes were parted from each other it was hard to find my way in such a big school. Already had drama the first month it was tiring, but made my freshman year go by so fast. My first year in high school it was hard for me but only because I felt like I didn’t try,  but still passed onto tenth which I am right now. During the first month of my sophomore year I attended Kua o ka la for only two days down milolii. It was way different than any school I have been to. The days were only two days a week, there were only maximum of twenty kids in high school, and it was by a beach. After my last day of attending to that school I was told that I couldn’t enroll because the principal are not accepting any high schoolers from different schools. I was bummed at first because my relatives were there it was mostly family. I was then given three choices from my parents to go back to Konawaena, either go to Ka’u high, or go to youth challenge and get my g.e.d in six months. And here I find myself back at konawaena as a tenth grader just trying to graduate high school.


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