Places to Trick or Treat in Kona

Places to Trick or Treat in Kona

Caylin Ziemelis, Editor in chief

It’s spooky season guys so get ready to be scared. Halloween is upon us and in Hawaii some neighborhoods are better than others to go enjoy the night. Here is the 4 top places to go trick or treating with your younger siblings and family. Some of these recommendations are from personal experience.


The Pines Condominiums

This is a great place to go Trick or Treating without hills, also the houses are pretty close together so no hiking from door to door. The down sides of Pines is since it’s a popular place to go the home owners will only give you 1 tiny piece of candy each, and you might get lost because all the houses look the exact same. A tip for not losing your younger sibling is to put a leash on them in the beginning of the night.


Pualani estates

My favorite place ever for Halloween is Pualani estates, every house has decorations in front and a candy bowl near the door. One year someone had a dance party on their grass lawn with blasting music and a fog machine. What I used to do when I was little was ordered pizza around sunset at the blue park, played until dark then walked up into the neighborhood. Quick tip is they lock the gate to the park at 7 so park along the street.



Waikoloa village is a far drive from Kona but they do have some festive things to do there. Like privately owned haunted houses that scare the hell out of you, and a fun Halloween celebration held by the church. Waikoloa is also great because it’s at a higher elevation so it’s not as hot as Kona. Which is a plus when walking for hours at a shot.


Hawaiian Homes

Hawaiian Homes is a great place to go if you live in north Kona. All the houses are decorated with festive lights and spooky things on the lawns. Rumor is that they hand out full size candy bars which is a major plus, also the houses are close together so it cuts down on walking time. Another tip is to bring a water bottle in case you get thirsty, between walking around the neighborhood and yelling at your little sibling you will need a gallon of water at the end of the night.

So that wraps up Halloween in Hawaii, even though we don’t have the most traditional holidays here we sure know how to party on Halloween. Remember to stay safe and have a great night.

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