How to avoid school drama and stop bullying

Marieanna Taetuna-Kalua'u, Staff Writer

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Here are some solutions to avoid school drama and stop bullying.  


Many students nowadays have drama especially girls. For example one girl wants to fight this other girl because she overheard someone saying how she was calling her a slut, and that she is too fat to be dating a popular guy that was way out of her league. Today most students fight because it’s talking crap about someone else. “If you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say it at all.” many people say this for a reason to not get other peoples feelings hurt, to stay out of fights, or to prevent suicidal. I would prefer to just fight that person and teach that person a lesson that talking crap about someone behind their back is wrong and that you shouldn’t do it unless your asking for it.


For instance this girl wants to fight her best friend’s ex because she was cheating with another girl, spreading rumors how they had physical contact with each other, and saying how she will only sleep with you for money. Now that people knew that rumor they would always say how much is it for a one night stand, and throw money at her for being so cheap, and ugly. Many people would think of suicide to end all the pain,  but you can avoid it by talking to someone you really trust and tell them what your feeling and that person can love you enough to stay by your side through it all. Many people don’t know the reason why people do what they do and in this situation it can just be defending a person that they really care about. And if talking isn’t your thing like me, write what your feeling, or what you want to say instead of talking.


Another example is a couple who are in a relationship and this girl would not stop hitting on this guy who is currently in a relationship with another girl. She would send exclusive pics and have physical contact with the boy when the girlfriend isn’t around. When things get out of hand like that people would think of fighting. This sounds like an obsession but if I were that boy that was in a relationship and a girl was doing that I would tell her off, and tell her that I am in  love with someone else. You can also avoid that person from having physical contact, you can also block them from having any way to contact you.


All of these situations relate to bullying. Bullying can be either direct or indirect meaning

Directly messaging, to that person’s face or indirect spreading rumors, gossiping about someone, or even posting pictures with negative comments. There are many types of bullying it can be physical, verbal, relational, or damage to property. I personally know many relational bullying which is purposefully hurting someone’s relationships. Why do people bully other people? They might bully you just for the fun of it and don’t know that it’s actually hurting them. They might want to take away your power of being happy because they lack the attention of being loved from their family so they want you to feel that you are below them. Violence isn’t always the answer, you can avoid this there is always walking away from that bully and act that you are walking away from a stranger. And when that bully says something mean to you, you can stand up for yourself and say ¨stop!¨ and tell them that you are actually hurting and that you don’t like it. And if that person is still bullying you go tell a teacher or an adult and tell them what’s been going on so it can stop.

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