Mr.Wild is an Ironman

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Mr.Wild is an Ironman

Leila Faler, Assistant Editor

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The crowd cheers as running shoes limp to the finishing line, the air smells of sweat and victory. People scream and cheer for their loved ones as they high five people carrying flags. The speakers boom for the crowd “YOU ARE A IRONMAN.”  


David Wild, a current teacher at Konawaena High School participated in Kona Ironman. Wild has been practicing essentially for a total of four years to get to his current level of expertise. He originally discovered he qualified for Kona Ironman in June and then began his four month journey of tough training specifically for this race. To David, the most difficult part was finding ways to balance both work and practice. Wild states, “I trained anywhere from 11 to 20 hours a week, before and after school. Usually an hour swim before school and a 1-2 hour bike ride and run after school. On weekends I’ll do a long 5 hour bike ride and a 1 hour run and 1 hour swim.”


Although his first Ironman in Hawaii, this is not the first big competition Wild has participated in. He has been to a total of three Ironman’s in the past year. Wild placed high in all three, which allowed him to qualify for Hawaii’s championship. However, David Wild did not do this alone, he had help along the way from his various sponsors. These include, Bike Works, Hawaiian Ola, Bioastin, and Oakley Hawaii. Once you qualify, the race costs a $1000, plus gear, it adds up. Thankfully, Wild was covered by his sponsors.


David Wild shared where his motivation emerged from, “It’s always been a dream, since I moved here, seeing the race. It looks so fun, so hard. I really like a challenge.” In Wilds opinion, this experience was extremely worthwhile, providing a perfect physical and mental learning environment. “I learned a lot about the Ironman distance and my capabilities, what I can do, what I can improve.” This race had a positive effect on Wild, he hopes others will experience the same enthusiasm. “Hopefully this race inspired some people to push themselves through challenges and to persevere.”


“On the run your kind of in your own little world, even though your beside all these other people.”

Wild placed 501 out of the 2,400 total competitors. On island, there were only 12 local Ironmen, Wild included. Proudly, Wild states he was the second fasted out of these 12 others. Wild competed with the intentions to give it his all, rather than win. “At the end, I wanna feel like I gave it my all.”


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