Dress to Impress…Yourself


Leila Faler, Assistant Editor

Self-expression comes in many forms, this, of course, includes physical aspects. However, due to gender discrimination, individuals are often frowned upon depending on their physical appearance and are segregated to expected standards.

It’s difficult to put on an outfit and be completely confident that you are not going to attract attention, whether it be positive or negative. For example, you cannot guarantee that the joggers and sweatshirt you threw on last-minute will hide you from a strangers gaze. Regardless if you are conservative or flamboyant, eyes will still glare in judgment or in appeal. In reality, there is no way to avoid these situations, because all people have a different mindset. Every person sees what they want to see.


In my opinion, dressing how you please should always be an option. However, this perception has also created friction among our society. It’s immensely hard to dress in our modern era without creating some kind of assumed image as to who you are in the eyes of others. For example, If one wears a crop top and short shorts, they may be automatically considered sexually promiscuous to someone who doesn’t know them personally. Don’t mind that they are literally a freshman in high school and haven’t even had their first kiss. Like I said, It’s all about presentation.


How did the sexualization of a woman’s shoulders, chest, and belly button come to be? For years, you are told that wearing something too tight, too short or too low cut could attract unwanted attention. However, It’s clear that all of these areas are anything but sexual and are simply just a part our body. So it’s okay to wear a bikini to the beach but god forbid you show more than your belly button in a school setting? The only thing these pieces of clothing are doing is enhancing one’s natural body shape. Society, however, has warped the minds of the innocent into thinking that showing skin is a sexual and dirty act. Truthfully, this is all in the mindset of those who are looking for something to sexualize.


Although I’m young, I am not naive. I know that predators exist and young girls flaunting their bodies does nothing but provoke them. However, I also know that you cannot blame someone for wanting to dress a certain way in order to appeal to social standards and promote self-expression. In reality, people are doing nothing wrong. It’s those who are corrupted into thinking that just because someone is dressed a certain way they should and will be sexualized.


Until the world wakes up and realizes that the only thing more attractive than our bodies is our brains, we will be stuck in this repeating cycle. It’s time people stop looking at each other based on what’s on the outside and really begin focusing on each other’s internal aspects.




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