Favorite Beach Spots


Marieanna Taetuna-Kalua'u, Writer

Imagine a blazing Saturday afternoon, inside your home. You’re probably on your bed sleeping in, or on the couch eating ice cream while watching Netflix.  Or maybe you’re even making a pool outside in your yard, in the back of your truck, while the water bill increases. The perfect solution to reducing that water bill? CALL IT A BEACH DAY!

Here are my favorite beaches and recommendations for Fall Break.


the  place for excellent snorkeling  is Wailea Bay. The best time to go is early in the morning when the ocean is calm, and the strong winds don’t pick up. This is one of the few beautiful white sand beaches on the island. . It is also an exceptional beach to go with your family, or have a get together.

One of my favorite  beaches to write what’s on my mind or to just meditate is Old Kona Beach Park. Going to the beach just before sundown when the sun sets is so calming and relaxing to look at. It was built in the 1940s. It was closed when the much larger Kona National Airport (KOA) was completed in 1970. For several years, drag races were held on the old landing strip prior to converting the area into the park in 1976. Today it is now part of the Kona Airport State Recreation Area.

If you love getting pounded by waves Kua bay is the place for you, if you want to have a family vacation at the beach go to Kua bay. I personally admire Kua bay as a result, it’s such a beautiful place to go to by yourself, with your family or even with your friend’s. The water has such a nice turquoise color to it, you could also do some decent snorkeling along either end of the beach. in the middle of the summer months the beautiful sand covers the beach north to south. more lava rocks become exposed during the summer months when the sand is carried out with the surf. That would also be a acceptable place to navigate across the rocks.

my next favorite beach to have birthday celebrations and parties to have is Ho’okena beach. This beach is the historical site for one of the last active Hawaiian canoe fishing villages in Hawai’i. depending on the time of the year, the ocean is placid, and shows the clear blue waters where you can see the underwater landscapes and the colorful array of fish. in the 1800’s Ho’okena grew into a busy trading village. It had a wharf, a school, courthouse, and even a jail. cars and trucks replaced streamers and by the mid 1930’s , storms and high surf had destroyed the landing at Ho’okena and most villagers moved away from the shoreline and closer to the highway further island. now Ho’okena is full of activities suitable for the entire family. more than a great day on a sandy beach, Ho’okena offers swimming, kayaking, snorkeling, and hiking.

Lastly, my main beach that I go to, that’s close to where I live is Punalu’u black sand beach. The most famous black sand beach on Hawaii. It is also popular for seeing the Hawksbill sea turtle’s basking in the sun on the beach. The beach itself is lined by  rows of coconut palm. The shade under the palm is a good place to hand out because the black sand can get very hot in the sunlight. A good place to snorkel is Ninole Cove, it’s a short walk to the South/ West of the main beach, it offers a sheltered bay with sand channels that provide decent access into the ocean.


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