Cooking with Ms. Fergison

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Cooking with Ms. Fergison

Leila Faler, Assistant Editor

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“It’s preparation for the real world, a gateway, a way to open up a door and build connections. People can transition right into the workforce and it’s those skills people are going to be needing” says Ms. Ferguson, a current first-year Culinary teacher at Konawaena High.


For many years at Konawaena High School, it has been known for its CTE programs, which have been embedded in our school in the best way possible. This year is Mrs. Ferguson’s first year as an official teacher, “ I’ve done my student teaching, of course, and a lot of substitute teaching.”


When I asked Mrs. Ferguson what inspired her to be a culinary teacher I was pleasantly surprised with her response.“ I have always enjoyed food and the science behind it.” I myself have always admired presentation and of course taste. Here I am, a sophomore at Konawaena, my second period is Culinary 1, taught by Ms. Fergison, who specializes in the art of cooking. Before this year, I never put much thought into culinary. However, as time progressed and I began to refresh and develop and learn new and intriguing information, my infatuation grew as well. Through the delicate and scattered mind of our Culinary teacher, Mrs. Ferguson, we have learned what culinary really means. Culinary is not just cooking, it’s everything in between. This includes preparation, taste, texture, precision, sanitation and even clean up.


When we are not hands on getting dirty in the kitchen, we are taking notes and learning about various foods, how to cook them, their nutritional value and much more. The cooking, of course, is my favorite, because I get to eat what I make and add flair to make it look as good as it will (hopefully) taste. I enjoy cooking in the classroom because it gives me a chance to do something I wouldn’t normally do in a school setting as well as expand my learning even further beyond memorization.


What do you think of when someone says culinary? Is it the beauty aspect, taste, the smell or texture? What comes to my mind immediately, is taste. The precision and delicacy it takes to achieve such high-quality mouth-watering products in only a matter of time. Personally, I am drawn to the organization and well thought out planning that takes place in the mind of a chef. Mrs. Ferguson’s favorite aspect about culinary, like many, is as she quotes “ getting to eat, I’m with the students on that.”  


Before I began my Culinary course, food was simply put, just food. I never took time to really pay attention to small details such why yeast is added to bread and how gluten is developed. However, when I came to class and actually took note of what I was learning, I came to realize how much I really didn’t know, and just how interesting it can be. Not only has my CTE class expanded my knowledge beyond what I thought was capable, but I also now have experience within a realm I may consider a future career.


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