Movie Reviews: The Lion King & Dora the Explorer

Jonya Guzman, Arts & Entertainment Writer

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If it’s about loyalty, tragedy, betrayal, destiny, roars, talking animals, bewildered, mouth opening, dazed, and amazed. You know it! The Lion King is what you are looking for, the most highly recommended movie for you, your friends and family. It’s like being reminded by how old you are, well if you’re from the 90s. Who knew that there would be a remake of the Lion King, I mean it’s kinda the trend today, all the animation, cartoon films are being recreated to live-action films. Don’t get me wrong, Back then, everyone watched commercials, straight hours of the Simpsons, playing cardboard games, or other things. Who knows? Well-enough of all that. 

Get your popcorn and a large drink of coke ready! The Lion King is the World’s ninth-highest-grossing film of all time. It’s an hour and 58 minutes of today’s greatest qualities. Your favorite singer/actress Beyoncé  is one of the casts in this live-action marvelous movies played as Nala. The Lion King is by far the best live-action movie out there, Directed by Jon Favearu.

     Lion King is not the only live-action movie out. Remember the smart young lady, intelligent, self prepared, pet lover? You are right, this smart young lady is Dora (Isabela Moner from Instant family). Yes, Dora is back and what I mean by she is back, she is back and in high school. This time she is not on a soft baked cookie rewarding journey. Dora is on a dangerous journey with her friends and her best friend; Boots the Monkey. Dora and her friends are on their way to save her parents; meanwhile, they are trying to solve a mystery behind the lost Incan Civilization too. As a saying from others who watched Dora and the lost city of Gold, Most people think actresses acted everything out in it very well-done way and didn’t disappoint them. Dora and the Lost City of Gold is a spectacular movie for anyone, you, your family, and friends. The movie is an hour and 42 minutes of excitement, fascinating, and loud sounds. Get your tickets, reserve a seat, pull up a chair or anything to watch this movie, Directed by James Bobin. 

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