E.K Fernandez Fair, Fun And Games

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E.K Fernandez Fair, Fun And Games

Kailona Clark, Arts and Entertainment Staff Writer

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E.K Fernandez is a family owned business that has been around for over 100 years, since 1903. The company is well-known for its carnival, fair and circus industry. The infamous carnival, brought by the E.K Fernandez Company, comes to Kona’s Old Airport once a year. Since it was scheduled throughout the weekend, you can enjoy the carnival without having to worry so much about school and work! From Thursday, September 7th through Sunday, the 10th, friends and families got to experience the anticipated event. The carnival craze was satisfied by tummy-tossing rides, lively games, and fair food and drinks. 

A fun fact, not commonly known is that the founder, Edwin Kane (E.K) Fernandez , was known as “The Barnum of the Pacific”. Fernandez obtained this title because of his  global search for the best circus acts available. The most famous performance of E.K Fernandez’s earlier years was the Flying Wallendas. The Wallendas are daredevil stunt performers; Clyde Beatty the wild animal trainer, and Emmet Kelly who was a famous sad hobo clown. The very first amusement ride that came to Hawaii was a steam powered merry go round, called a Flying Jenny. This was introduced at the Maui County Fair in 1905. 

Undergoing progression, the fair has continuously brought laughter and smiles to the people of Hawaii. My family and I would go to the fair almost every year, when I was younger. I remember the flowing excitement as we drove through town at night. Seeing the Ferris wheel, all bright and colorfully lit, my thrill rushed at the thought that I would be there the next day. My fondest memory of the fair is probably when I went with my dad when I was younger. I recall riding on the Ferris wheel. Following the Ferris Wheel, my dad had won me a stuffed puppy animal, which I wish I still had to this day. Although the event tends to hold more eagerness in younger years, it can be enjoyable in a different way when you are older.. 

My experience at the fair this year included eating sweets, drinking soda and riding a few rides with my boyfriend and other friends. Before we went on any of the rides, I was thinking “the fair isn’t as fun as it used to be” because you have to spend so much money just to get a Fun Pass card with enough credits for a few rides. For the card cost of twenty dollars, you gain one hundred credits. In reality that’s probably enough to only get on three or four rides, and after that you have to pay additional money to the Fun Pass  for more rides, games or food and drinks. 

I split the money between my boyfriend and I, so we could go on a few rides together and with some friends. First of all, the ride that we all went on was the Super Sizzler, which was quite an experience. We oddly thought we weren’t going to be safe on the ride because we believed our friend was going to be too tall. I was super-sizzling dizzy after that ride. After that we went on my favorite ride, the Wave Swinger. Flying to the music, this ride gives a free feeling.

Towards the end of my night, I was too scared to ride Zero Gravity so I watched my boyfriend and his friend ride it from the sidelines. 

Next year we’ll have to enjoy the Ferris wheel, the zipper, along with the swings of course. Lastly, after going on all those rides we got cotton candy and soda. My hype, headache, and sugar rush followed me on the way back to his house. 


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