Homecoming Assembly!

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Homecoming Assembly!

Rayanard Albious, Manica Debrum, News Staff Writers

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Homecoming was held at Konawaena High School gym on September 13. That means the wildcats are back and running for a competitive new year!. The Homecoming assembly harmoniously brings back all the student athletes and the new court with warm welcomes and cheers followed up by excitement and honor. 

You could feel the excitement and exhilaration from the students all around each grade level hoping that this year will change the wildcats forever. The whole school stood up as the color guards entered the gym showing gratitude and respect followed up by the star-spangled banner and Hawai’i Pono’i sung by brianna and kelsie. It is always crucial to open up the assembly with both the national and Hawaiian anthem. As the whole school quiets down, the principal of Konawaena High School gave a wonderful warm welcoming to the homecoming court parents and families. “This is the time to welcome people home” said Principal Suzuki with a wide smile finishing up his short speech.

Shortly after the principal finishes up his speech, the emcees take over announcing all the sports team that are entering the gym. First off, walking towards the center of attention came the bowling team, they entered in two lines smiling as they make it to the center. Second, came cross-country. They entered with calm and pleased. In the meantime  Girls volleyball walked in all together looking fire with their Uniforms. Then came the boys JV football team walked in with enthusiastic through the faces of the JV’s, you could feel the excitement in the air. Finally, the boys Varsity football team walked in with huge amounts of confidence intaking all the vitality from the crowd. The sports teams have shown maturity, confidence and pride while standing in front of the school. 

Soon after the sports team have made an entrance they were asked to be seated to their grade levels. After the sports team were seated the cheerleaders entered the gym and did it again by showing off their astounding little performance. A handful of teamwork was necessary for the performance to be well done and outstanding. Many students who seem to have been amused were all cheering for the cheerleaders of course along with “ooo”’s and “ahhh”’s. What a good way to make to make the assembly more appealable. The cheerleaders did very well not lacking any confidence at all.

The excitement was getting riled up soon after the homecoming court names were announced. First up on the list were Freshmen prince and princess Tayvin Gaspar and Faith Molina. The Freshmen classmen were all cheering for both the prince and princess for a good year since it is their first year in high school after all. A warm welcome wouldn’t be so bad. Next in line were the sophomore princess and prince: Julia Deleon and Hauola Roback. Both of which are not lacking any confidence, standing with pride and hoping that this year will hold many surprises who seemed surprised by the fact that the sophomores were cheering wildly for the both of them. Lastly came the King and Queen everyones been waiting for: Jim Macabinguil and Zane Garrigan. The whole school screamed out as if there was an actual coronation. There you have it wildcats! Konawaenas very own homecoming court of 2019!. After making a recognition, the homecoming court attendants did a little performance that would pull the whole schools attention and put on a dance to remember. 

A little energizer wouldn’t hurt after watching all these dazzling performances while sitting on our bottoms for too long right? Which is exactly what the leadership team had in mind for the whole school. The leadership team did a splendid job on leading the whole school for the energizer, Along with their teacher Ms Hayashida. Most people followed along laughing at one another for silly movements. I guess the energizer really did energize the spirits of others.

The energizer was just a warm-up. Once the emcee, Shayne Victor, announced that it was time for the clapping game, the whole school roared with excitement as the Juniors and Seniors waved their flags up high in the air with gratification, taunting other grade levels. Wildcat spirit wafted in the air you feel it from the from the Saucy Seniors with face paintings and screaming across the court. Unquestionably you could already tell they are wide awake for the challenge along with the Junior’s and the under classmates. Going up first were the juniors versus the sophomore and whoa! You could feel the ground vibrating on the floor as they stomp their feet on the bleachers , as they pay close attention to Ms Hiyahshida as she instrc.  The loudness was getting to a good level. The juniors waved their flags once agains as they shouted very loud as some goes wild standing up as they roar to the sophomores. The Juniors clearly have won the battle against the sophomores. The sophomore did a good job at trying and it is never too late for them to grasp onto victory for next time. Next up was the seniors versus the freshmen. The seniors weren’t hesitating for another victory and the freshmen were still rookies so this won’t be easy for the freshmen. The freshmen have taken defeat by the loud stomping, screaming, and roaring from the seniors! It all came down to the seniors versus the juniors. Both grade levels were intimidating and competitively taunting each other. According to the Judge it was surprisingly a tie between both class. It was very intense and insane. The loudness was wild and on another level. The juniors couldn’t help but take defeat for disqualification. The juniors have been disqualified for crossing the black line. The seniors have done it again! Victory goes to the seniors and the juniors will be more determined in taking victory for next year. Well, homecoming assembly holds a lot more memories and surely more to come as the wildcats continue to strive!. 


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