Halloween Events

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Halloween Events

Pua Gomes, Ha'aheo Kaupu-Wessel, Hezekiah Akiona, Arts and Entertainment Staff Writer's

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Nowadays, Halloween is one of the most well-known holidays across America. On the contrary, it wasn’t until the 19th century that Halloween made its way to the United States. This holiday eventually became one of the most profitable times of the year. Many people know October 31st as a night of costumes, candy, and frightening fun. The celebration of Halloween provides an opportunity for all ages to dress up in a funny, scary, creative, or a decent manner. People have a variety of choices on where and how to celebrate Halloween. You can go trick-or-treating, Halloween parties, and/or haunted houses. Thrilling Halloween events that are held throughout Big Island include the ‘Ohana Halloween Pa’ina, located at the Keauhou Shopping Center. To add, the infamous Kohala “Pumpkin Patch” and the “Corn Maze Race,”  is always a family favorite.
To further describe family activity options, the ‘Ohana Halloween Pa’ina at the Keauhou shopping center welcomes all ages to the event. Families and friends can stroll around and trick-or-treat with the younger children. They could also participate in the costume competition, with the chance to win cool prizes. If your children are too young to trick-or-treat, they can be taken to the Keiki Fun Zone. The event also serves food and live entertainment. If you live out south, Ho’okena Elementary School holds a “Trunk-or-Treat” event on Halloween night. At the event, you can walk around the main school area near the cafeteria and truck-or-treat out of the trunks of Hookena school staff and volunteer members communal vehicles. You can also go into the cafeteria at the school and carve out a pumpkin to take home. 

After interviewing Konawaena students we acquired information on what their favorite things to do during Halloween are. Our first student is Senior Aldrin Gadot who feels that Halloween is one of the best times of the year.

Wildcat News: “Aldrin, what do you usually do during Halloween?”

Aldrin: “I like to pass out candy and see all the little kids in their cute costumes.”

Wildcat News: “Yeah, that’s always fun. What is your favorite memory with friends on Halloween?”

Aldrin: “Making kids happy by giving candy and also love spending time with my family.”

Wildcat News: “What is one of your favorite costumes to wear during Halloween?”

Aldrin: “My favorite costume is spiderman.”

Wildcat News: “Do you go out with friends and family?”

Aldrin: “Yes, I go trick or treating with my friends and family.”

Wildcat News: “How did you feel your Halloween night went?”

Aldrin: “Unforgettable.”

Wildcat News: “After all, did you enjoy Halloween?”

Aldrin: “Yes.” 


After interviewing Aldrin, we found Senior CJ Alcain, who had a different take on Halloween, who says “Halloween is a time to scare the kids.” 

Wildcat News: “Hey CJ. What is your favorite thing to do on Halloween?”

CJ: “Sit in the bushes and scare kids as they walk by.” 

Wildcat News: “Why do you like to scare kids on Halloween.”

CJ: “It’s the only time of the year that I am allowed to do that.” 

Wildcat News: “Where do you scare these kids?” 

CJ: “Above Konawaena High School.”

Wildcat News: “If you could dress up as one thing for Halloween, what would it be?” 

CJ: “Sasquatch.”

And there you have it, Wildcats. Two very distinct but very fun ideas to celebrate Halloween. We look forward to seeing you all on Halloween Day in your costumes!


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