College Field-Trippin’

The entering sign for the University of Hilo, Hawai'i

The entering sign for the University of Hilo, Hawai'i

Julia DeLeon, Editor-in-Chief

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From Kindergarten to Senior year of high school, we are all implanted with the idea of college. Whether to further your education or not after graduation is the ultimate decision. Students who are currently planning for, or are considering going to college, have been in preparation for life after high school. There are many opportunities and involvements to get you in that college mindset. For one, Konawaena High School offers college field-trips through the college counselors, Aunty Bobby and Ms. Serina (room F219), and different teachers. On September 19th, a cluster of college-driven Wildcats missioned out to the University of Hilo for the first college field-trip of this school year. They set out with the intention of getting an idea of what the UH Campus provides. With an informal tour and class description, this is the ideal field-trip to do so.

Students boarding the bus at 8:00 a.m. began their school day. The two-hour ride held different experiences for different crowds- the student sleepers, some music-listening head-boppers, and talkative individuals. When arriving to the University, anticipation to explore built. After alighting from the school bus, they split up into groups of students interested in automotive and those who wanted a campus tour.

The batch of students with the automotive interest had the opportunity to learn about the curriculum. They also got to view the different auto shops that the university has to offer. These students saw the shops for auto parts, diesel mechanics, and the metal workshop. In addition, the welding tools and the variety of mechanic tools were shown to them. Finally, they got to see the recent machinery that the college students were working. This gave an idea of what they could work on, if they were to come to UH after high school. 

In the meantime, the other mass of students divided and followed different tour guides, with separate routes. Overall, they got to explore the majority of the UH campus. For example, they got to view the different priced dorms, some with more privacy than others. An idea of what the multi-story library has to offer was also given. Advantages include multitudes of informational and fiction books and student-based tutoring. These Konawaena Student-Body representatives got to stroll the pathways of the University’s recreational features, as well as where different classrooms are based. 

Eventually, the groups touring the campus united but then divided. These students got to choose two separate presentations, out of the three different classrooms, to view. Each classroom had diverse information to offer. In one of the rooms, students got to learn about studying abroad, and the factors that go along with the travel options. Meanwhile, another class full of Konawaena students obtained information about financial aid, including how to pay for college expenses. Lastly, the third classroom had students listening to the stories and wise words of recent high school graduates. With this, some students had the opportunity in reuniting with previous Konawaena graduates now attending the University of Hilo.

After all field-trippers completed their learning journey, they ultimately joined for lunch. Following the food-handout, a few minutes of downtime was given. Shortly after, they had to withdraw from the UH Campus, back to the school bus for the 2-hour ride back to Konawaena.

Although these teens were not in school, plenty of valuable information was learned and the fire of motivation and aspiration may have been lit.


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