Konawaena Coffee Line

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Konawaena Coffee Line

Pua Gomes & Jazmine Yoshioka, Arts & Entertainment Staff Writer

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On Tuesday, October 15th, 2019, Entrepreneurship students took a trip to Greenwell Farms. The purpose of the trip was to gather knowledge by doing hands on work, through producing their own 100% Kona Coffee. Therefore, students will be picking coffee, learning the roasting process and two weeks after finishing the partnership with Greenwell Farms. In addition, Entrepreneurship will be participating in the Keiki in the Kitchen Event on Oahu October 27th, 2019 at the Victoria Ward Park in Honolulu. Students will be helping with the selling of their own hand picked hard work coffee. As a result, with as much experience in the field trip to Greenwell Farms and to Oahu, students will be able to gain life skills such as planning, marketing, time management, leadership and problem solving that will benefit their future decisions. 

The overall mission of Konawaena High School’s Entrepreneurship class creating their own coffee was to attract national and international attention to the extraordinary culinary talent and the diversity of quality, locally grown products to ensure Hawai’i maintains its competitive edge as a world’s class designation.

With that being said, we had the opportunity to interview two Konawaena students who participated in going to the field trip to Greenwell Farms to help with the production of 100% Kona Coffee. Our first student is senior Malia Barreras-Float and how the process went with Greenwell Farms. 

What is one skill that you gained while helping produce Konawaena’s Coffee?

A skill that I had gained while helping produce coffee would be teamwork because we all had to work together and rely on each other in order to succeed and get the job done.

What are the basic steps for producing the coffee?

The basic steps for producing coffee include picking and bagging the coffee, roasting the coffee and then grinding it to make the coffee.

How did partnering up with Greenwell Farms go?

Partnering up with Greenwell Farms was really good and benefited our class immensely. It was super convenient that it was so close to our school and within walking distance.

After interviewing Malia, we found senior Kaleb Joyce and how his view on how the process went with Greenwell Farms.

How much coffee did you produce?

All of us together produced 20 bags. Which is 10 halves, and 10 whole Ibs.

Has this experience made an impact on you?

Picking coffee is an old tradition of mine, however, I got to learn the steps of how to make our own coffee. I believe that it has made an impact on me in a way that I was able to bring past knowledge and collide it into a new process I haven’t experienced. But the overall time being there was great and I enjoyed volunteering with something I had past knowledge for. 

And there you have it Wildcats, information on two of our very own Konawaena students and how their experience with the process of how to make their own 100% Konawaena Kona Coffee. 

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