Girls Soccer for the Win!


Konawaena Varsity Girls Soccer Team

Kamariya Mattos, Sports Writer

Our Konawaena varsity girls soccer team showed that they have worked hard to play hard this season. Throughout the season, their efforts and hard work have notably paid off after winning almost all of their games against opposing schools around the island. Their workouts, team-bonding activities, crossfit training and overall games have not only strengthened the teams’ soccer playing, but contributed by bringing the players closer together and develop their connection as a team.  With a stronger bond between the girls on the team throughout the season, they are able to play hard while having support for each other when they are competing against different teams and trying their best to win.

The team had many thrilling games during this season, two of their best were against Waiakea and Kealakehe High School. On December 7, 2019, the girls varsity soccer team played their first game against Waiakea, which resulted in a score of 2-0. The team also showed their skills with their passes and great finishes when they scored against Waiakea. On January 22, 2020, they played Kealakehe for playoffs and the game had a concluding score of 6-2. Konawaena also had BIIFs on January 25, 2020 against Hilo, Konawaena won with an ending score of 3-1. Koanwaena played each of the opposing two times and defeated all of them, except for HPA. Konawaena’s loss against HPA on January 8, 2020 had a final score of 0 for Konawaena and 3 for HPA. Although they lost, they played well against the former state champs. 

Since our Konawaena girls soccer team won almost all of their games in their division for the regular season, the team already has seats for states in Oahu. The team had the help of the team captains: Nai’a Balancio and Kyanah Blas and the coaches: Ka’ua, Amber, and Grace, who all put in effort to make this season the best it can be for the players. Overall, the team’s bond and trained helped them succeed in many of their games and had an excellent season.

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