Music to My Ears

Aruel Justine Alejandro, Ray Albious, News Editor

Music To My Ears

On the calm afternoon of Thursday, February 20, 2020, hundreds of Konawaena High School students gathered in front of the gym for another assembly.  However, this wasn’t a normal assembly. This assembly featured students from Honokaa. Why? The students were there to perform different types of songs that they’ve practiced and learned for many months.  As Konawaena’s guests, we felt delighted to listen to them perform. They absolutely blew our minds. In the end, students were thankful for their time and for their performance.  

I interviewed fellow high school students and got their thoughts on this assembly. One of the students I interviewed is Talia Tonini, who is a Sophomore.  I asked her what she thought of the Honokaa assembly in general. She responded by saying that “this was by far the best assembly.” When I questioned her why that is, she responded by saying that “it had no energizers (thank goodness), and it was student-led.”  I then asked her what the assembly could’ve improved on. She stated that “they could’ve been more interactive.” She also stated that “they should’ve made it a bit more enthusiastic, as some students didn’t find it fun.” The last question I asked her is what she would say regarding these assemblies.  She responded by telling me that she would recommend to the school that we do more assemblies similar to this. She also recommended that we also have musical breaks during our own assemblies.

The second student I interviewed is Civic Gomes.  He is a freshman here in Konawaena High. I also asked him what he thought of the assembly and  responded by stating that it was a great idea and it was definitely interesting. The talent that was shown at the assembly was also extremely breathtaking.  He stated that his favorite part of the whole assembly is when they played “Permanent Holiday.” He also added that the assembly was a great way to relax. However, he stated that although the ensemble was great, there were a few things they needed to improve on.  He stated that they would have experimented with the amplitude and organize their positions on stage, as it was extremely messy. I then proceeded to ask him what he would tell the school about assemblies similar to this. He simply stated that he would recommend the school do this type of assembly again.

The last person I interviewed was our very own band teacher, Mr. Ruff.  This was by far the most interesting interview I had when Mr. Ruff stated he only lives 4 miles away from Honokaa.  This provides him with extraordinary knowledge about the band. I began by asking him what he thought of the assembly and the performance.  He explained that it wasn’t new to him and that he had seen them perform multiple times. He explained that during the first Fridays of February, they will close the street, so they could perform.  He called their performance incredible and unbelievable. I asked him with all the performances he’s seen them do, what area do they need to improve on. He simply said that they should add him as a ukulele player in the band.  Then I asked him what he would say to the school about assemblies similar to this. He responded by saying that anytime we have the chance to experience other school music, we should take that opportunity.

The assembly is certainly one of the most unforgettable assemblies of the year.  It was a chance for the whole school to see and experience another school’s talent.  We believe that all of the staff and students here at Konawaena High School enjoyed the assembly.  We hope that the school does another assembly similar to this. It provides entertainment for the school and the students.  It’s a good way for everyone in the school to enjoy the music.                                                    


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