How do I Manage Stress Though Finals?


Kailona Clark, A&E staff writer

That time of the year is coming up, where finals creep up on us. Teachers give us some time to prepare and tell us to study, but the amount of studying and workload can be so stressful, that sometimes we forget everything that we’ve learned throughout the whole school year. You may think, how am I supposed to study and remember all of this? How can I receive a good grade and not fail this year? 


A few suggestions are, you could make a final review sheet, flash cards, or suggest to your teacher about helping you make a fill in the blank sheet as well. A review sheet is always a good study technique because you can make it a digital or a hard copy. You can label each section of the topic and then summarize the most important information in each. Personally, I prefer a fill in the blank because it’s laid out for you and then you just fill in the most important words in each section of the topic. The last thing you could do to help with finals is, make flash cards. This could help to remember the main topics in each subject and other definitions that are important. 


The next suggestion to help with finals is time and stress management, which is a way of controlling your levels of stress. It’s always important to manage your time and stress, but especially during the week of finals. I understand school itself can be stressful and tiring. To avoid this amount of weight on you, you can manage your time when you get home by taking a 30 minute break at the most, by eating a snack, watching a show or taking a nap. 


Then after this, you can work on creating a review sheet for as much time as you can. But don’t work too hard, I like the saying “work smarter, not harder”! Maybe you could work for an hour at the most on a review sheet of one subject and then move on to the next. It’s best to work on review sheets for classes that you have the next day and for which ones come first. The last thing to do is try to think positive and keep an open mind. 


In conclusion, all of these things are important to deal with finals. Making a review sheet, filling in the blanks or even flashcards are important to organize what you’ve learned and to study that. You should also use these ideas to balance the workload with your stress.I know it’s hard, but the other thing is it’s also important to be positive. I hope these tips helped you to deal with finals and get some of the stress of you. 


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