Wildcat Alex Muti Commits to BYU


Leigh George, Sports Editor

Alex Muti has been described by many as one of the most hard-working students at Konawaena High School. As an outside linebacker in football, he has inspired many others. Muti has continued to stay focused on school and his sports throughout high school which goes to show hard work does not go unnoticed. By taking initiative in his work, he has been offered the first D1 four year college offer to BYU at Konawaena. 

LG (Leigh George) : What led to your commitment to BYU?

AM (Alex Muti) :  Growing up, I’ve always been a big fan of them and my grandma has had season tickets since my mom was a kid.

LG: What is your biggest takeaway from football in high school?

AM:  It’s not just a game. I’ve impacted many lives through football and they have impacted me as well.

LG: If you could describe football in one word, what would it be?

AM:  Exciting.

LG: Who would you say is your support system when dealing with high school and athletic struggles?

AM:  My family. They have been there for me, through thick and thin. I can’t thank them enough for how much they have done for me.

LG: What was your hardest struggle in high school and how did you overcome it? 

AM: My hardest part was the academic side and I overcame it by realizing I just had to grind and take advantage of all the resources I got from the school.

LG: What is your biggest achievement in high school or football? 

AM: I got on the honor roll. That is when I felt that my hard work was paying off.

LG: What is your biggest goal when it comes to football?

AM:  Be the best me I can be.

LG: How has football changed you as a person?

AM:  It taught me that it’s more than a game. People look up to me and that’s a lot of pressure that I’m willing to take if it means some kid out there will chase their dreams.

LG: How do you think BYU will affect you compared to other schools?

AM:  I think BYU will be good for me. It has a lot of standards and codes that many schools don’t have. These have but these standards and codes will keep me grounded and remind me not to  lose track of who I am or where I’m from.

LG: When under pressure, what do you do to help yourself?

AM: I turn everything into a game. If it’s a close game and I see everyone stressed, I’ll go up to my Dline men and say ”hey let’s play a game, whoever gets to the QB first wins.”  For me when you’re having fun that’s probably the hardest you’re gonna play and you won’t even notice. 

High School is hard enough without the extra sports and hard work that is seen in Alex Muti’s life. He has been diligent in reaching his goals, not only in football but also in school. Football has taught him many things and has helped him stay on track with his goals, along with the support of family and friends. He has demonstrated strong work ethic and integrity that has been noticed by his peers, teachers and future colleagues at Brigham Young University.

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