Konawaena Girls Basketball Settles for the Score


The Konawaena Varsity Girls Basketball team

Kamariya Mattos, Sports Writer

The Konawaena varsity girls basketball team trained hard together by exercising and using discipline so this season they are the greatest they could be when they played games. The team’s practice and hard work helped them win throughout the season and they achieved many things along the way to make this season what they wanted it to be. All around the island, they have beaten many of the schools they’ve gone against after vigorous practice together, which strengthened their team bond. With these components, they were able to work with each other to do the best they could against other teams in Hawaii.

This season, the team played against different schools, some of them were Hawaii Preparatory Academy, Kealakehe, and Waiakea. Our team played Waiakea twice, and each time Konawaena went against Waiakea, the scores for the game were close, but we took the win in both games. The first game against Waiakea, on January 21st, 2020, our team beats Waiakea with a final score of 54-50. On January 29th, 2020, the second game had an ending score of 43-42. Both of the games against Hawaii Prep and Kealakehe had very significant scores coming from our team. The game against Hawaii Prep on January 18th, 2020 finished with a score of 65-10 and we scored 95-8 when versing Kealakehe.

Our Konawaena girls basketball team was strong and fought for the win in each of their games throughout the regular season. Together, their training, discipline and bond brought them to make it to states in Oahu. When the team spent their time in Oahu, they were playing with Iolani and Kahuku. First, they went against Kahuku and won, with a score of 46-42. Finally, they had their last game against Iolani. Unfortunately, in the end, our team lost. The game concluded with Iolani getting 55 and our team getting a score of 46. Even though our team lost against Iolani, the wildcats still pushed their way to second place in the Division 1 state title for girls basketball.

The girls basketball team accomplished and succeeded throughout this season. Konawaena is proud of them for striving, practicing and working hard together to have a great season along with winning almost all of their games. Their effort they put into winning their games and making it into states and getting second place for the Division 1 state title shows us how strongly they’ve worked. Overall, all the players on the team did their best and made it an outstanding season this year.

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