Konawaena’s Schoolwide Showcase


Konawaena's Annual School-Wide Showcase will be filled with lot's of sweet treats and engaging activities.

Jazmine Yoshioka, Associate Editor

Who’s ready for our Annual School-Wide Showcase on Friday, March 6th? If you said “Yes,” make sure to be at Konawaena High School’s main buildings at 1:30pm-3:30pm. At the event students will be showcasing their work for numerous classes such as Culinary, Art, Business, Robotics, JROTC and more. But wait that’s not all, there will also be Break Dancers instructed by Mike Sato, Games, Face Painting, A Petting Zoo, Community Vendors, Health Awareness Booths and drum roll please….. A Teacher Talent Show, I tell you the fun never ends. 


To add on, if youŕe specifically wondering what the classes will be presenting first off the Culinary Class will be demonstrating certain techniques and tips for cooking. As a result, a few students who have come up with their own recipe will also be providing samples for guests to taste. For instance, the students that will be presenting are Shayne Victor, Caroline Midgley, and Edenne Megan Baguso. So make sure to check that booth out. Moreover, if youŕe a person who is interested in Art then be sure to explore the Art Exhibit. Therefore, the Art Class will showcase several art pieces as for instance, Macrame Bracelets, Alcohol Inked Glasses, Celluclay Models, Craft Stick Paintings, Value Pillars, Mosaic Illustrations, Quailing and Sumi-e Paintings. Wow that sounds like a lot right? Well what can I say students have been working very hard. 


Next, the Business class will be selling Mardi Gras Munchies like Krispy Kreme Donuts glazed with whipped cream and then drizzled with milk chocolate, deep fried oreos, kit kat drumsticks, chocolate wafer or vanilla wafer, oreos fried in batter and sprinkled with powdered sugar and spam musubiś. This sounds delightful right? You could start singing ¨Yeah The Business Class has got that Yummy Yum That Yummy Yum¨ Consequently, students will continue to learn the more aspects of the Business World through creating a product and later selling.


Furthermore, the Robotics Program will be showcasing a robot that they built, as well as programmable cars that guests will be able to test out. To add on, in December two teams from the Robotics Program flew to Japan to compete. As a result, the girls team placed 2nd internationally. Amazing right? So if you would like to join or support the Robotics Program be sure to contact Mr. Fuller.  In addition, the Junior ROTC Program will be doing a march called the Color Guard. The Color Guard is an activity in which school representatives will be portraying their national flag. As a result, if you intend to gain leadership experiences, encourage people in your surroundings, learn how to become a better American citizen, and learn more about the initiative than I would highly recommend you to check out their booth. Last but not least, there will also be Break Dancers instructed by Mike Sato, Games, Face Painting, A Petting Zoo, Community Vendors, Health Awareness Booths and a Teacher Talent Show. 


In conclusion, our 99th Annual School-Wide Showcase will be an amazing event. So with this being said, if you don’t have any plans for March 6th, be sure to attend and explore our Konawaena High School’s students work and Community Vendors.

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