The growing sport of Lacrosse in Konawaena


Our Konawaena Lacrosse team

David Jimenez, Sports Writer

As you may know, Konawaena High school provides many sports for our students to play. But there’s something that makes Konawaena different from most schools on the big Island. What makes Konawaena different is that lacrosse is one of the sports available. The history of lacrosse is significant and dates back to the 17th century.

According to Scholastic, lacrosse was created centuries ago by a Native American tribe called the Iroquois. Originally, the sport was named “stickball” because all you needed to play was a stick and a ball. The name was eventually changed to a french word la crosse (the stick) and nets were put on the end of the sticks. It’s believed that a single game of lacrosse could have around 100 participants on the field at the same time. Although the sport has the same concept as it did before, there has been some modification over the years. 

Lacrosse is in some ways similar to many various sports. It has the physical contact of football, speed and endurance of soccer, and the same objective as hockey.  The game is played with ten players on the field. Three attackers, three midfielders, three defenders, and one goalie. It begins with a face-off, which is when someone from both teams fight for the ball in the middle. The only thing that can touch the ball is the lacrosse sticks, unless you’re the goalie. In lacrosse, the objective is to score the most points. You score a point by getting the ball into the opposing team’s net. This sport teaches you skills as you play. One of the most useful is your hand-eye coordination. This is key to developing the techniques required to effectively handle the ball. Some ways you can do this is by scooping, passing, catching, cradling, and shooting. 

During an interview with Dan Curran (Head coach), more information about the club was collected.

DJ (David Jimenez) : Who are the Coaches for lacrosse?

DC (Dan Curran) : The coaches are me and Barbaccia, with him being my assistant.

DJ: When did the Konawaena lacrosse Club start? And have you always been the coach?

DC: I started the club 5 years ago back in 2015.

DJ: How many players are you expecting to have this year?

DC: We’re expecting to have about 25 or more this year.

DJ: Is there anything you’re looking forward to this season?

DC: We have a lot of young kids so I’m looking forward to working with them and building on their fundamentals and skills. Also looking forward to playing against the Oahu Teams.

DJ: Is there anything you think we should know about the lacrosse club?

DC: We played the very first Lacrosse game on the big island on our field. The Juilian Yates field. We’ve never won a game the first two years, and the last two years, we’ve had winning seasons and made it to the club championship called the Founders Cup.

Although lacrosse is the oldest and one of the fastest growing sports in America, Hawaii has very few teams. Our Konawaena lacrosse club is one of the two teams on this Island, the other being HPA. That’s why it’s amazing that Konawaena gives kids the opportunity to compete with the other schools that have lacrosse programs.

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