Mocking Jay, Part 2 movie review.

Ronald Crivello-Kahihikolo, writer

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My fabulous gals and I skipped into the theatre with eagerness! Of course the first thing we did, was buy loads of junk food that would last us for the night. Soon, we walked into the showroom with high expectations, mostly because we’ve all read the book! Moreover, this is the final installment of the highly anticipated movie saga. For those of you who watched Part 1 of the movie, probably noticed that it was a little slow, and there wasn’t to much action… well, there’s definitely way more in this movie. It comes with a lot of explosions, an extreme jump scare, and quite a few emotional death scenes. Although there was heaps of action packed scenes, there were also those romantic moments, that basically made me tear up, because you know… RELATIONSHIP GOALS MAN! This movie was BY FAR the best of the series and was better than expected. It made me jump a couple times. The movie has it’s fair share of blood and gore with many deaths. People who enjoyed the book will probably love it because it is extremely faithful to the book. My friend absolutely adored it. It is so close to the book that those feelings directly translated to my experience. The last movie was all set-up for a war against the capitol and the united districts and we never see them engage in combat. “It encompassed the principle of the books so well in such an inspiring way, and I think that this illustration of the stories that this movie has created will stay with this generation for a really long time.” My fabulous friend, Eve Heeley Ray. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone that loved the book, and for anyone who loves action movies.

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